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Videos That Make An Impression

Videos now account for 82% of all internet traffic.

At Lightning Creative, we pride ourselves in planning, shooting, and editing video content that brings companies to new heights.

However not all organizations have the same goal, and that's why we produce a variety of content. Take a look at the TYPES of videos we create and tell us what we can make for your business!


A broad genre, Brand Videos promote an organization's values, products, or services through storytelling.


Consider it a more trendy way of saying "Commercial" or "About Video." 


Educational Videos teach viewers about curated subjects related to your organization.

Animation, infographics, voiceover, and role-playing are all common tools used to produce Educational Videos.


The most important part of any organization are the people within it.


Recruiting Videos attract prospective employees by showcasing jobs, companies, or role responsibilities.


The creativity of Product Videos these days are a far cry from the boring or cheesy infomercials of yesteryear.

Product Videos showcase your specialty in creative and compelling ways, ultimately boosting sales and increasing brand awareness.


Capturing events professionally is a fantastic way to promote the culture and excitement of your organization.

Grand opening events, employee or client appreciation parties, or bespoke occasions are all great opportunities to show-off your organization at its best.

Social Content

There's no question that social media has dominated modern culture with its promise of connection, information, and entertainment. 

It also plays a huge role in commerce, and we specialize in producing bite-sized content to promote your organization in easy-to-digest ways.


72% of people say they’d prefer to learn about a new product or service by watching a video than by reading text.

Tutorial, Demo, Explainer, or How-To Videos give prospective clients a closer look so they feel more educated before buying in.


Client reviews are more important than ever with the popularity of feedback sites like Yelp, Google Reviews, and others.

Testimonial Videos let prospective clients see & hear from those that have already enjoyed your product or service.